So the Class C we were so excited about rolled out the door right before we could say the final yes, I guess cash rules the world, I mean I already knew that but wow....So we are looking again.  I just want to get a move on here.

We found a beautiful Class A Diesel, but they decided they wanted more than they were asking, so forget that one and now we are looking at a Bounder....So many we have have passed up because we wanted a diesel not a gas.  Dad says gas is going to cost us a fortune and diesel will last longer and the so will the engine, he definitely has a point, on both parts.  Oh and the best news ever, apparently we can't tow the Excursion, at some point it'll just kill the truck unless we flat bed it, or disconnect the tranny every time we go to move...let's face it the truck was meant to tow, not be towed...LOL, "To tow or not Tow that is the question"....corny yeah, but it's the truth.

Well for now we are still looking and I will find one by god, we will get on the road.....!
So we finally came to a decision on an RV, we found her, went back and forth about it and are going to go for it!  Not one we expected but it fits the bill!  Hopefully for quite awhile, if not it's a way to get our feet back into the RV'ing full time world.  

Ultra Super Class C, literally I kid you not, is how it's listed,  35' long, able to tow our Excursion, so we won't have to get rid of the truck just to have to get something else....not sure, but this all going by the seat of our pants a bit here.  The RV has two slide outs, bunk beds, over the cab bed and two more turn into beds...everyone has their own bed and my dad has a bedroom with a locking door in the back....It's really nice, plenty of storage, has some room, kitchen is a little small, but i'll make do, not looking for a gourmet kitchen anyhow.  

I'll post pictures once we get the final okay on her and she's ours, call me superstitious, or maybe it's the Native American heritage and upbringing....but I don't want to jinx us!
So looking for an RV, not so easy...For any of you that already have been through this, you may be chuckling at me, I thought it would be, "yes that's it!"   Well, as you can see by my past blogs, we have been through a few of them, and as of now, we have been through hundreds of them.  Started out with bunkhouse models, of course those would have been perfect, good luck finding a used one, they disappear faster than chocolate in my house.  Looked at Super C's, class A's, diesel, gas, slide outs, length, then of course, screw the bunkhouse, how about one that sleeps more than 6, we can make do!  

Reality hit me as I started looking at price tags, I questioned what the heck I was thinking.  Yes I want to get my children out of the system to let them grow, and so the rest of us can find ourselves again...At what cost though, put myself in debt for almost 200k, that was going to be our new start, debt?  It made no sense to me, so we dove back into the looking for an RV game.  We may have finally found one.  I am not posting any pictures yet, might jinx us, I will know more in the next few days....she isn't new, not by a long shot, but she would be ours, clean, no debt, not perfect but perfectly us, and most of all we would be together and we can make her ours!
Well this is our Ford Excursion, my camera's down at the moment so it's a picture of the exact same one we have, anyway, we will be towing this beast behind the r.v.  There is enough room for the family, and all the going out items when we aren't in the r.v.  However seemed such a waste of space to not have anything on top of the truck for storage....I mean we could use all the storage we can find.

So, research started, and I found a Thule.....fits perfect on top of the truck, 10 extra cubic feet of storage space, really good reviews, not too expensive, and will do what we need it to do, store items!

This is the Thule Sidekick that we will install ourselves on top of the Excursion.  Now to decide what type of things we should store in here, extra school supplies, extra clothes in vacuum bags, what?

So, it's a Sunday, all was quiet, my family had pretty much all agreed on this rv a, 2013 Coachman Sportsman 385ds....yeah the one over there, silently looking at this post and was beautiful, bunkhouse, king bedroom for dad, sleeping up front for the little ones and myself, was an okay kitchen....loved the paint job on was okay, doable, we could have been happy in here....

Yesterday and this morning I made the mistake of going over every rv we had looked at and researched.  My father and I were coming to the same conclusion that perhaps this was the best rv for us.  Then up popped a wild rv we had never seen...or even thought of because it was never pushed on any site, really no dealer pushed it, this was literally the first time I saw one...

Here is the wild rv, a 2013 Coachman Encounter Bunkhouse, now I know we should have seen this one, maybe we did and in the struggle to find just the right bunkhouse, just the right length, which rv had what...we somehow missed this little gem.  I say gem now because well, it's longer, same amount of slides, nicer kitchen, counters, double door refrig/freezer..oh yeah, more room over all, nicer, and just as a finshing touch, it has a fireplace....that's kinda nice!  I always wanted a fireplace in a house, never had one.....huh, downsize to get your family closer together....get a fireplace I never could in houses that were big...go figure!