So looking for an RV, not so easy...For any of you that already have been through this, you may be chuckling at me, I thought it would be, "yes that's it!"   Well, as you can see by my past blogs, we have been through a few of them, and as of now, we have been through hundreds of them.  Started out with bunkhouse models, of course those would have been perfect, good luck finding a used one, they disappear faster than chocolate in my house.  Looked at Super C's, class A's, diesel, gas, slide outs, length, then of course, screw the bunkhouse, how about one that sleeps more than 6, we can make do!  

Reality hit me as I started looking at price tags, I questioned what the heck I was thinking.  Yes I want to get my children out of the system to let them grow, and so the rest of us can find ourselves again...At what cost though, put myself in debt for almost 200k, that was going to be our new start, debt?  It made no sense to me, so we dove back into the looking for an RV game.  We may have finally found one.  I am not posting any pictures yet, might jinx us, I will know more in the next few days....she isn't new, not by a long shot, but she would be ours, clean, no debt, not perfect but perfectly us, and most of all we would be together and we can make her ours!

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