So the Class C we were so excited about rolled out the door right before we could say the final yes, I guess cash rules the world, I mean I already knew that but wow....So we are looking again.  I just want to get a move on here.

We found a beautiful Class A Diesel, but they decided they wanted more than they were asking, so forget that one and now we are looking at a Bounder....So many we have have passed up because we wanted a diesel not a gas.  Dad says gas is going to cost us a fortune and diesel will last longer and the so will the engine, he definitely has a point, on both parts.  Oh and the best news ever, apparently we can't tow the Excursion, at some point it'll just kill the truck unless we flat bed it, or disconnect the tranny every time we go to move...let's face it the truck was meant to tow, not be towed...LOL, "To tow or not Tow that is the question"....corny yeah, but it's the truth.

Well for now we are still looking and I will find one by god, we will get on the road.....!

02/22/2013 11:06am

Have you considered getting a bumper pull trailer? Most Excursions have excellent towing capacity (we have an Excursion) and you can find some very nice bunk house trailers for under $20k. We are hitting the road again this spring and are getting a new trailer and I'm impressed with what I can get for the price. Also, you don't have to maintain two engines and the kids won't be tempted to get out of their seatbelts.

03/06/2013 10:59am

I couldn't find your email on your site, so I figured I'd contact you via comment. I'm working with a top-rated cable network to cast a new documentary series that is about unique families and explores different methods of parenting. We would love to cast a nomadic or "roadschooling" family for the show. I'd love to speak with you about possibly being featured on an episode. Please visit our production company's website for more information-

Please call or email me at your soonest convenience if you are interested or have questions/concerns. I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you!

Kathleen Sedita
Punched In The Head Productions
718.422.0704 x123


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