So, it's a Sunday, all was quiet, my family had pretty much all agreed on this rv a, 2013 Coachman Sportsman 385ds....yeah the one over there, silently looking at this post and grinning.....it was beautiful, bunkhouse, king bedroom for dad, sleeping up front for the little ones and myself, was an okay kitchen....loved the paint job on it....it was okay, doable, we could have been happy in here....

Yesterday and this morning I made the mistake of going over every rv we had looked at and researched.  My father and I were coming to the same conclusion that perhaps this was the best rv for us.  Then up popped a wild rv we had never seen...or even thought of because it was never pushed on any site, really no dealer pushed it, this was literally the first time I saw one...

Here is the wild rv, a 2013 Coachman Encounter Bunkhouse, now I know we should have seen this one, maybe we did and in the struggle to find just the right bunkhouse, just the right length, which rv had what...we somehow missed this little gem.  I say gem now because well, it's longer, same amount of slides, nicer kitchen, counters, double door refrig/freezer..oh yeah, more room over all, nicer, and just as a finshing touch, it has a fireplace....that's kinda nice!  I always wanted a fireplace in a house, never had one.....huh, downsize to get your family closer together....get a fireplace I never could in houses that were big...go figure!


Quiria&Simual Gamble
02/18/2013 9:05pm

Me and my husband were admiring the wild rv and we both exclaimed when we heard it has a fireplace wowee!!!!!


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